Commissions and committees

Teachers-students joint commission

The commission monitors the educational offer, the quality of teaching and service activities to students; formulates opinions and proposals on the establishment and modification of the educational offer. 



Students representant

  • Ms. Carlotta Carlini
  • Ms. Valentina D’oronzo
  • Ms. Maria Grazia Ieva
  • Ms. Lucia Lenzi
  • Mr. Lorenzo Menghi
  • Mr. Niccolò Pasini
  • Mr. Andrea Timoncini
  • Mr. Alessandro Zuccharini

Research commission

The commission has the primary task of monitoring the department research activities, in order to inform the Department Council on how and where to allocate research funds. The commission has only an advisory role and all proposals are subject to subsequent discussion and approval in the Department Council.


Didactic commission

The commission manages the overall framework of the educational offer within the Department. The didactic delegate coordinates the commission and manages the relations with the Deputy Rector for the didactic activities.


Department laboratories and offices committee

The committee defines and manages the Department organization in terms of laboratories, offices and shared spaces. In addition it manages the department equipments.


Library committee

The committee defines library’s scientific development lines, according to criteria aimed at guaranteeing an adequate and balanced bibliographic coverage of the disciplinary areas of competence; it provides for the protection and enhancement of ancient books and approves the budget allocation of the library. 



Designated members

Libraries manager

Communication committee

The committee assists the Head of the Department in the outreach of scientific activities. In addition the group manages the departmental Facebook communication channel.


BiGeA web group

The BiGeA web group manages the departmental website, uploading and updating contents.


- Prof. Andrea Luchetti (coordinator)

- Dr. Annunziata Coppola (editor)

- Dr. Eleonora Samonati (editor)

- Dr. Mirco Travaglini (editor)