The BiGeA Library will be closed for summer holidays from the 1st to 31st of August

The library offers the services of acquisition, inventory, cataloging of the bibliographic-documentary material acquired, providing on site access and reading and recognises the students, teachers, researchers and technical-administrative staff of the University as its institutional users. Furthermore, additional categories of users recognised by agreements and conventions have the right to use the library services
Each user can borrow up to 3 books at a time. The loan period is 30 days.
Access to catalogues and online resources is provided through the AlmaWiFi service and workstations dedicated to bibliographic research
The delivery of documents is guaranteed for the disciplinary areas of competence.
The interlibrary loan service is active. It is usually free of charge but a fee may be imposed by the lending library

On-site consultation
The library at Via Selmi 3 has a consultation room with 60 reading places and 8 workstations for online bibliographic research.
The library at Via Zamboni 67 has a consultation room with 42 reading places.
The library at Via Irnerio 42 has a consultation room with 20 reading places.

Accessibility for the disabled
Users with disabilities can access the library using the lift