Department governing bodies

The Head of the Department

Alessandro Chiarucci

The Head of the Department is responsible for the general management of the Department, ensuring the provision of a strategic vision and highest quality of education.

The Department Council

The Council plays a fundamental role in the governance of the Department, ensuring its overall good management and well-being. It plans and coordinates research and teaching activities, in accordance with the general guidelines issued by the University's governing bodies. Furthermore the Council make decisions on structural policies, statutes and appointments.

The Department Council consists of: Head of the Department, Administrative Division Manager, the academic staff, and representatives of the administrative staff and students.

Department Council meetings are held once a month.

The Department Board

The Department Board assists the Head of the Department in his/her activity, with decision-making functions only for specific topics allowed by the Department Council, which is responsible for final decisions. The Board's mandate is three years, and present members are:

Head of the Department: Alessandro Chiarucci

Deputy Head of the Department: Jo De Waele

Head of Local Organisational Unit  - (RA). Enrico Dinelli

Division Manager: Annunziata Coppola

Full Professors: Maria Giovanna Belcastro, Alberto Vitale Brovarone

Associate ProfessorsStefano Goffredo, Federica Costantini

Assistant Professors: Isris Aloisi, Bruno Campo

Administrative staff: Piero Trentini, Mariantonia Paglia

Research fellows: Marco Cacciari

Students: Raffaele Ripoli, Emmanuel Donti Sibite Galtoibe Yenoutot

Selected Academic Members: Alessandro Amorosi, Marco Passamonti