Biogeography and Systematics of marine molluscs

Curtitoma contraria (Bonfitto & Morassi, 2012)

-Systematic, evolutionary taxonomy, ecology, biogeography and phylogeography of some of Mediterranean and Indo-pacific molluscs: Polyplacophora, Conoidea, Epitonidae, Triphoridae, Cerithiidae Rissoidae.

-The malacofauna of the Red Sea and its relationship with the molluscan fauna of the Indian ocean.

-Lessepsian molluscs.

-The group collaborates to the "Turrid Factory project ", coordinated by the Museum of Natural History in Paris, which is part of a larger investigation project on the study of marine biodiversity in the Indo-Pacific region.

-Scanning electron microscopy, molecular biology

-Consulting with the CITES-NOC service of Bologna in the identification of zoological specimens subject to seizure.