BIOME - Biodiversity & MacroEcology

Areas: Biology

The Research Group in Biodiversity and Macroecology (BIOME) is focused on the study of plant diversity at different levels of biological and ecological organization: from intraspecific variability to plant-plant and plant-animal interactions, from plant communities assembly to macroecological and biogeographical patterns. Our team includes scientists with different skills, which are reflected in a multidisciplinary approach to our teaching and research activities.

Research Topics:

ERC Subjects:

LS8_1 Ecosystem and community ecology, macroecology
LS8_2 Biodiversity
LS8_3 Conservation biology
LS8_4 Population biology, population dynamics, population genetics
LS8_10 Ecology and evolution of species interactions
PE10_4 Terrestrial ecology, land cover change
PE10_14 Earth observations from space/remote sensing

Alessandro Chiarucci (PO)

Group members

Duccio Rocchini (PO)

Lucia Conte (PA)

Marta Galloni (PA)

Juri Nascimbene (PA)

Giovanna Pezzi (RU)

Nicola Alessi (Research Fellow)

Fabrizio Buldrini (Research Fellow)

Marco Cervellini (Research Fellow)

Gabriele Gheza (Research Fellow)

Michele di Musciano (Research Fellow)

Elise Maria Keller (Research Fellow)

Giovanna Dante (Research Fellow)

Piero Zannini (PhD Student)

Irene Montanari (PhD Student)

Maria Mashirma Fungomeli (PhD  Student)

Chiara Vallese (PhD Student)

Elisa Thouverai (PhD Student)

Marta Barberis (PhD Student)

Vanessa Bruzzaniti (Fellow)