Evolutionary Anthropology

Areas: Biology

The research activities of the group are carried out in the field of Evolutionary Anthropology, which studies the biological variability of past and modern humans from an evolutionary perspective. The central questions are the origin, the evolution, the phylogeny, as well as the phenotypic and molecular variability of humans with their distinctive features (bipedalism, cognitive abilities, language, culture, technology and life-history traits such as post-reproductive survival). Genomes, epigenomes and human skeletal remains represent valuable traces to be investigated to reconstruct the history of human evolution and the interaction between humans and the environment (physical and socio-cultural) over time.

 Lines of research: 


Settori ERC

LS8_3 Population biology, population dynamics, population genetics

LS8_5 Evolutionary genetics

SH6_4 Prehistory, palaeoanthropology, palaeodemography, protohistory

SH3_5 Population dynamics, aging, health and society



Maria Giovanna Belcastro (PO)


Group members

Maria Giovanna Belcastro (PO)

Marco Sazzini (PA)

Cristina Giuliani (RtdB)

Rita Sorrentino (Post-doc)

Antony Colombo (Post-doc - Global fellowship Marie Curie Sklodowska actions - project ‘Baby Pace’)

Annalisa Pietrobelli (PhD student)

Vincenzo Iannuzzi (Graduate Fellow)


External collaborators:

Dr. Benedetta Bonfiglioli

Dr. Valentina Mariotti

Dr. Maria Elena Pedrosi

Dr. Viola Tanganelli

Dr. Teresa Nicolosi

Teresa Mocerino (Tecnichian)

Dr. Claudia Ojeda-Granados (CONACYT post-doc)

Dr. Sara De Fanti (Wet-lab research fellow)