Astrobiology & Geomicrobiology Lab

Key words

Extreme environments, geomicrobiological mapping and sampling, sample prep., microbial paleontology and habitat, biosignatures, taphonomic and fossilization processes.

In our Astrobiology & Geomicrobiology Lab., located in Bologna, via Zamboni 67, we seek to understand the interplay between life and the environment in the past, present and future, and the potential of trace of life elsewhere. The Astrobiology & Geomicrobiology Lab is equipped to support sample collection in different extreme environments, and prepare samples for elemental, molecular and mineralogical analyses in geological and biological materials.

  1. Nr 1 Fume hood
  2. Nr 2 safety cabinets
  3. Nr 1 precision balance
  4. Nr 1 micro-drilling for precision sampling
  5. Nr 1 laboratory oven / Drying oven
  6. Nr 1 centrifuge
  7. Nr 1 portable and lab. pH-metro (0 to 14 working at temperature up to 130°C)
  8. Nr 4 high precision thermometer (different range of temperature)
  9. Nr 1 portable drill-core
  10. Cameras, drone, lens for field work
  11. Portable instruments and tools for microbiological and geobiological field sampling
  12. Nr 2 GPS
  13. Nr 2 Glass Vacuum Bell Jar and vacuum pump
  14. Nr 4 geo-sievings for sediments and microfossils
  15. Nr 1 binocular microscope Wild M8 (objectives from 10X to 20X)
  16. Nr 1 optical microscope Leitz (objectives from 10X to 20X, 50X and 100X)
  17. Nr 2 Fiber Optics and LEDs Illumination for Stereo Microscopy
  18. Nr 1 Gas detector and Nr 3 gas masks

Teaching, training, and research activities

The Lab. supports:

  • practical courses for First and Second cycle degrees in Biological Sciences (F); Natural Sciences (F); Geological Sciences (F); Biodiversity and Evolution (S); Science and Management of Nature (S); Geology and land management (S).
  • internship and development of projects of high school teachers and students.
  • BSc, MSc and PhD internship, training and thesis preparation.
  • development of research projects.


Sample chips

Stub preparation for SEM analysis

Sample preparation

Sample preparation

Working table for sample analysis