Laboratory of Molecular Zoology (MoZoo Lab)

Keywords: genomics, transcriptomics, phylogeny, molecular evolution, mtDNA, nuDNA, RNA


In the laboratory of Molecular Zoology (MoZoo Lab), located in Bologna (Italy), Via Selmi 3, educational and research activities on biodiversity and reproductive biology in different animals’ groups, mainly arthropods and molluscs, are developed through the analysis of genic expression pattern and evolution at the genomic and molecular levels.


Laboratory equipment

The Zoology Molecular laboratory is equipped with all the basic instruments needed for nucleic acids isolation, amplification, and cloning (PCR, laminar flow cabinet, fume hood, freezer, thermostat, etc.).
The Zoology informatic Lab, which is in the same venue, supports MoZoo activities in data processing. Three rooms for insects and molluscs breeding are also available.


Teaching, training, and research activities

The laboratory allows thesis internships (for bachelor and master’s degree students) and hosts Italian and international PhD students.


Laminar Flow Hood

Electrophoretic cells

Centrifuge and thermostated bath

Thermal cyclers

UV transilluminator