Laboratory of Chemistry and Histology

Keywords: histology, tissues, sections, germ cells, fixation, inclusion


The laboratory of Chemistry and Histology, located in Via Selmi 3, develops research and teaching activities by performing traditional histological techniques mainly on aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates, to study the quantitative morphology of tissues and cells. The laboratory is equipped for all stages of sample processing, fixation, embedding, execution of histological sections and tissue staining.


Laboratory equipment

In addition to the basic laboratory equipment (e.g., chemical hood, refrigerator and freezer, work benches and tables, glassworks), the Chemistry and Histology Laboratory is equipped with:


- vacuum oven

- bunsen burner

- rotary microtomes

- automated stainer

- thermostatic plates

- -80°C freezer



Teaching, training, and research activities

The laboratory is available to support the preparation of BSc, MSc, and PhD Theses, and for the implementation of research projects by post-doc fellows and researchers. 


The laboratory of Chemistry and Histology

Stove for inclusion with vacuum pump

Rotary microtome for sample sectioning

Automated stainer

Students process the samples