Laboratory of Ecological and Environmental Genetics laboratory (GEA)

Keywords: population genetics and genomics, marine biodiversity conservation, metabarcoding, environmental DNA


In the Ecological and Environmental Genetics laboratory (GEA) located in Ravenna, Via Sant’Alberto 163, we perform educational and research activities to study the marine biodiversity of benthic habitat and management of marine resources mainly invertebrates (e.g., corals, annelids and molluscs using molecular approaches such as population genetics and genomics, metabarcoding and environmental DNA.  



Laboratory equipment


The Ecological and Environmental Genetics laboratory is equipped with all the basic instruments needed for nucleic acids isolation, amplification, and sequencing (PCR, freezer, thermostat, electrophoresis, MiniON sequencer).
The Ecological Bioinformatic Lab, which is in the same venue, supports GEA activities in data processing.


Teaching, training, and research activities

The laboratory allows thesis internships (for bachelor and master’s degree students) and hosts Italian and international master students (Erasmus and IMBRSEA) and PhD students.



Centrifuge, vortex and thermoblock for DNA extraction

Agarose gel electrophoresis for the separation of DNA fragments

Sample preparation to amplify a DNA region

2720 thermal cycler by Applied Biosystems

Nanopore Sequencing on MinION Mk1C (Oxford Nanopore)