Laboratory of HPLC / molecular biology

Keywords: laminar flow hood, cell culture transplantation, HPLC, metabolite separation, compound quantification,


Research and teaching activities are carried out in the HPLC / molecular biology laboratory, situated in Room B3 in via Irnerio 42. The equipment of the laboratory and the presence of specialized technicians allow the in vitro and transplantation of solid and liquid plant cell cultures, separation of metabolites through the use of HPLC, and the quantification of various compounds present in extracts obtained from plant tissues and cells.


Equipment available in the laboratory


- The laboratory is equipped with a laminar flow hood

- HPLC with photodiode detector and fluorometer


- Spectrophotometer

- Fridge -80 C °



Didactic, training and research activities


The laboratory offers its resources to support:

  • Practice of three-year and master's courses in: Biological (L) and Natural Sciences; Molecular and cellular biology (LM).
  • Preparation of degree and PhD theses;
  • Development of research projects


Services and consultancy


The support of specialized technicians is always possible on the various sample preparation methods and protocols.


Laminar flow hood