Laboratory of Raman Microspectroscopy

Key words: Raman microspectroscopy, chemical and structural composition, organic and inorganic materials


The Raman Microspectroscopy Laboratory is a research facility of the BiGeA for fast, non-destructive characterization and chemical imaging of diverse materials spanning minerals (thin sections & powders), biological samples, fluids, dissolved gases, and much more.

Our instrument is especially optimized for fast hyperspectral imaging of complex samples and materials, where a full Raman spectrum is collected at every pixel. This technique, combined with advanced multivariate statistical techniques, facilitates the detection and identification of all Raman-active species present in the area of interest.


The BiGeA Microspettroscopia Raman Lab (locate in Via Selmi 3) is equipped with a WITec's Raman microscope alpha300 R. The flexibility of the Witec alpha300 R allows the system to adapt to all requirements, and combine flexibility, sensitivity, speed, and performance.

Witec alpha300 R is equipped with a green laser (532 nm) and allow to acquire data on bulk samples, thin/thick sections, etc., and 2D, 3D maps and depth profiles. Witec alpha300 R system provides sharp 2D and 3D images with resolution limited only by physical law: lateral resolution <300 nm (typically at 532 nm excitation, and depth resolution <900 nm (typically at 532 nm excitation). This system also allows ultra-fast Raman imaging without sacrificing resolution (acquisition speed <1ms per spectrum). The system is equipped with a WITec software for instrument and measurement control, data evaluation and processing



Teaching, training, and research activities

The Lab. supports practical courses, training and internship (ungraduated and graduated students), and research projects.


Confocal Raman microscope Witec alpha300

Detail of the confocal Raman microscope Witec alpha300

Raman microscope Witec alpha300

Witec alpha300 Raman microscope