Analysis of multiscalar, brittle to ductile structural features aiming at unraveling fundamental structural processes

We study fundamental structural geological processes through a multidisciplinary and multiscale approach that combines field observations and geological mapping with multiscalar analytical and modelling procedures, tectonic considerations and balanced cross sections with the goal to shed light on the processes that steer the deformation of geological materials. We provide important scientific results, with feasible implication for the professional activities.

Paleostress inversion studies aim at reconstructing the stress field evolution of a region through time based on the study of appropriate brittle structural evidence found in rocks (fractures, joints, veins, dykes, stylolites, faults, folds). The assumption is that tectonic stresses from the past have left traces in the rocks in the form of strain.

The intrinsic importance of this approach is that it represents a step towards quantification of geological processes. We have engaged on studies dealing with deformational processes observed in the Southern European Alps (Valsugana and Belluno Thrust, Foiana Line, Cima Marana Thrust, Trento-Cles Line), the Ligurian Alps (Voltri Group), the Northern Apennines (Elba Island and western Tuscany region), the Central Apennines (Amatrice Basin, Lazio Magmatic Province), and the Southern Apennines (the Gargano Promontory, Mattinata Line), Norway, Oman, Thracia (Kavala-Xanthi Line), South Africa, Namibia, Vietnam, Mozambique, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Argentina, central Iran (Kuh-e-Sarhangi Fault, Kuh-E-Faghan Fault), the north Victoria Land in Antarctica (McMurdo Volcanic Group).

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