Determination of the temporal dimension of deformation and exhumation/denudation by illite K-Ar dating and characterization, 40Ar/39Ar and fission track dating

Time is a fundamental parameter in geology! To unfold complex geological histories and quantify the rate of geological processes, variables such as temperature, pressure, composition and structural data have to be “read” in combination with time as part of an integrated conceptual and methodological approach. We regularly apply different methods to date geological processes and contribute to the continuous conceptual refinement of the available methods. To this end, we work with Ar/Ar, fission-track analysis and U/Th-He dating to unravel patterns and mechanisms of exhumation and denudation and with Ar/Ar on mica and K-Ar on illite to directly date episodes of brittle deformation.


International collaborations

Prof. Horst Zwingmann, Kyoto, JapaN

Ar/Ar Laboratory at the Geological Survey of Norway

K-Ar Laboratory at the Geological Survey of Norway


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