Tectonic studies of active and fossil orogenic belts

Much of our group field-based research is aimed at reconstructing the geodynamic and tectonic evolution of fossil and deeply exhumed orogens and active orogenic belts.

Field mapping, multiscalar structural analysis, geochronological investigations, balanced cross sections, basin analysis, petrography and petrology are the backbone of our integrated studies and models. Our studies provide insights on (i) the space-time evolution of the tectonic deformation within the orogenic wedge development, (ii) the metamorphic gradients characterising burial (during subduction) and rising (during exhumation) of tectono-metamorphic units in internal and axial portions of the orogenic domains, (iii) the relationships between occurrence of inherited tectonic setting and localisation of deformation, (iv) the relationships between tectonic deformation and crustal fluid circulation, (v) the activation of fault systems in seismically active orogenic domains.

Our main study areas are the Southern European Alps (Valsugana and Belluno Thrust, Foiana Line, Cima Marana Thrust, Trento-Cles Line), the Ligurian Alps (Voltri Group), the Northern Apennines (Elba Island and western Tuscany region), the Central Apennines (Amatrice Basin, Lazio Magmatic Province), and the Southern Apennines (the Gargano Promontory, Mattinata Line), the Calabrian-Peloritan Arc (Coastal Chain, Sila Massif, eastern Peloritani Mountains), Norway, Oman, Thracia (Kavala-Xanthi Line), South Africa, Namibia, Vietnam, Mozambique, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Argentina, central Iran (the Sabzevar region), the north Victoria Land in Antarctica (Deep Freeze Range).


The structural, metamorphic and magmatic evolution of Mesoproterozoic orogens


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