Groundwater processes and flow systems

Areas: Geology

The activities of the research group deal with the theme “groundwater”, investigated from different stand points and by different approaches, not only the classical hydrogeological ones but also geomorphological, geological and geochemical. Groundwater flow systems are the topic of the research, either in natural or in stressed conditions with the evaluation and management of quantitative and qualitative impacts. As an analogy also hydrocarbon fluids migration inside porous medium is taken into account.


Lines of research:

- Karst hydrogeology (Prof. Jo De Waele)

- Speleology (Prof. Jo De Waele)

- Coastal hydrogeology (Prof. Marco Antonellini)

- Fractured Aquifers/Reservoirs (Prof. Marco Antonellini)

- Contaminant hydrogeology: monitoring and modeling (Prof. Alessandro Gargini)

- Effects of tunneling and pumping on aquifers and groundwater dependent ecosystems (Prof. Alessandro Gargini)

- Authigenic carbonates linked to hydrocarbon enriched fluid escape (Prof. Rossella Capozzi)

- Fluid flow in porous reservoirs and petroleum system evaluation (Prof. Rossella Capozzi)

Settori ERC

PE10_5 Geology, tectonics, volcanology

PE10_11 Geochemistry, crystal chemistry, isotope geochemistry, thermodynamics,

PE10_13 Sedimentology, soil science, palaeontology, earth evolution

PE10_18 Hydrology, water and soil pollution



Alessandro Gargini (PO)


Group members

Jo Hilaire Agnes De Waele (PO)

Marco Antonellini (PA)

Rossella Capozzi (PA)

Beatrice Maria Sole Giambastiani (RTDa)

Andrea Columbu (Post-doc)

Maria Filippini (Post-doc)

Francesco Sauro (Adjunct Professor)

Carlotta Leoncini (PhD student)

Luca Pisani (PhD student)

Paolo Forti (Prof. Alma Mater)