Caves are subterranean voids created by the dissolution and the erosion of the host rock, often composed of carbonates (limestones and dolostones), but also evaporites (gypsum and halite) and quartz-arenites. They are carved by phreatic or rising waters involved in chemical-physical processes. Their dimensions can range from a few centimetres to several tens of metres in diameter. Over 15,000 km of caves have been explored worldwide, but they are probably less than 10% of those existing underground. Exploring these subterranean worlds is among the most stimulating geographical endeavours today, also at just a few km from home.

Caves host a variety of signs of past climate and environment, and remains of past inhabitants of the Earth (including Man). The scientific research in these, sometimes, extreme environments is multidisciplinar, much more than any other kind of scientific activity. From a geological point of view this includes geomorphology, sedimentology, mineralogy, palaeontology, geochemistry, hydrogeology, structural geology, and other branches of science (chemistry, physics, biology, archaeology, etc.). These researches are generally carried out in teams, and can lead to exceptional scientific discoveries, like minerals and organisms new for science, unique palaeoclimate records, hominid fossils, etc.

In Bologna these researches have been carried out at university level since over half a century, and our institute is recognised as one of the most important specialised karst centres in the world, also hosting one of the biggest thematic (speleological) libraries on Earth.

In the last years scientific activities have been focused on seven main lines of research: speleogenesis in quartz-arenitic environments, formation and evolution of caves in evaporite rocks, hypogenic caves (especially the sulfuric acid ones), caves formed by mixing of salt and fresh water in coastal areas, reconstructions of palaeoclimate variation through the analysis of speleothems, and the formation of secondary minerals in caves, and geomicrobiology in underground environments.


There is also ongoing research on the presence of caves, especially volcanic ones, on other celestial bodies such as the Moon or Mars.


Selected Publications (2015-2020)

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