Mineral surfaces and interaction with organic/biologic matter

This interdisciplinary research activity deals with the study of mineral surfaces, the study of the interaction between the organic/biologic matter and mineral surfaces, such as for instance single nucleotide molecules, RNA, DNA, amino acids, proteins in interaction with mineral surfaces, the interaction between organic and inorganic components of bone tissue, bone matrix and phytocomplexes, the study of phyllosilicates, clay minerals and clays. For these purposes the research makes use and develops specific methodologies such as: scanning probe microscopy (SPM, AFM, EFM, TDFM, SHFM, KPFM), finite element analysis (MEMS, and electromechanical), electron microscopy (TEM , SEM, ESEM), electron diffraction (ED), X-ray microanalysis (Si-Li, SDD), Monte Carlo simulations of SEM-EDS microanalysis, X-ray diffraction (XRD), thermal analysis, infrared and UV spectroscopy, quantum mechanics and quantum mineralogy.