Sequence stratigraphy and Paleoecology of the Quaternary Record

Areas: Geology

The primary research of our group is focused on the integrated sedimentological and paleobiological analysis of Quaternary alluvial, coastal and shallow-marine successions, with an eye towards core-based facies analysis. We use quantitative paleobiological patterns reconstructed from the micro- and macrofauna, along with sedimentological, geomorphological and sediment provenance studies to offer multidimensional view of sedimentary successions in a combined, sequence-stratigraphic and source-to-sink perspective. In particular, we use actuopaleontology and compositional features as tools: (i) to identify key stratigraphic surfaces where facies changes have poor lithologic expression, and (ii) to assess detailed depositional trends on millennial to centennial timescales. Applications of these concepts can contribute to better understand petroleum and aquifer systems, and have the potential to play a disruptive role in the study of recent tectonic evolution, as well as geoarcheology and environmental geology.

Lines of research



PE10_5 Geology, tectonics, volcanology

PE10_6 Paleoclimatology, paleoecology

PE10_13 Sedimentology, soil science, palaeontology, earth evolution

PE10_14 Physical Geography



Alessandro Amorosi (PO)


Group members

Stefano Cremonini  (RU)

Daniele Scarponi (RU)

Stefano Claudio Vaiani (RU)

Veronica Rossi (RTDb)

Bruno Campo (RTDa)

Giulia Barbieri (Post-doc)

Marco Cacciari (Post-doc)


Michele Azzarone (PhD)

Bianca Costagli (PhD)