General and Applied Hygiene

Areas: Biology

The Research Activity is pertaining to the scientific-disciplinary sector MED / 42 General And Applied Hygiene, and  mainly relates to the themes of environmental hygiene, environmental microbiology, molecular epidemiology, and health promotion. The lab is the internship headquarter for  Bachelor Degree in Biological Sciences students, Master's Degree in Biology of Health and the Apprenticeship Program for High for Training and Research (Emilia-Romagna). The laboratory provides technical scientific consultancy for: Consorzio Ospedaliero Colibrì, GVM Care & Research- GVM-Engeeniring, Casa di Cura Toniolo, Villa Baruzziana Ospedale Privato Accreditato, IMA S.p.A, IMA- Corazza SPA, Bologna FC 1909, Pollution Srl

Lines of research 



LS6_7 Biological basis of prevention and treatment of infection (e.g. infection natural cycle, reservoirs, vectors, vaccines, antimicrobials)



Sandra Cristino (RU)


Group members

Graziella Ciani (Technician)

Benedetta Mancini (Post-doc)

Matteo Iervolino (Post-doc)