Environmental monitoring of bacterial strains in various matrices with special focus on water and air matrices

The research group focuses its activities on the study of microorganisms associated with the contamination of different environmental matrices, by means of classical microbiology methods paired with methods of molecular biology, in order to monitor the pathogenicity of the strains and their resistance in the environment. The lab is also part of the 'European Legionnaires' Disease Surveillance Network (ELDSNet). Particulary relevant is the environmental monitoring of Legionella spp. in public and accredited hospitals, private hospitals, and residential care facilities, dental unit circuits, industrial sites and receptive / recreational facilities is of particular note. The research group also participates in the quality control of the processing of new molecular techniques for the typing, the identification and study of the pathogenicity of the organism;

Consequently we reach an innovative approach in the typing of environmental strains, through the study of pathogenic factors and the construction of risk maps