Ultramicrotomy laboratory

Keywords: Animal biology, Plant biology, Zoology, optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM).

Research and teaching activities are carried out in the Ultramicrotomy laboratory, located in Via Selmi 3, second floor, room 105. The instrumental equipment of the laboratory and the presence of specialized technicians allow the preparation of biological samples (dehydration, fixation, inclusion) to carry out morphological analysis at the level of optical and transmission and scanning electron microscopy which are present in the Laboratory of Electronic and Confocal Microscopy in Via Selmi 3 (LINK).

Equipment available to the laboratory

- Basic equipment: optical microscopes, stove, hot plate, dryer and saw blade.

- Ultramicrotomes: Reichert Ultracut E; LKB Ultrotome Nova

- a class A extractor hood and a laminar flow hood.


Laminar flow hood

Didactic, training and research activities

The laboratory offers its resources to support:

• Practice of three-year and master's courses in: Biological Sciences (L); Molecular and cellular biology (LM).

• Preparation of degree and PhD theses;

• Development of research projects

Services and consultancy

The laboratory performs services and activities on behalf of third parties in relation with the Laboratory of Electronic and Confocal Microscopy in Via Selmi 3 (LINK).

The support of specialized technicians on the various sample preparation methods and protocols is always possible.



Cappa a flusso laminare

Preparazione campioni microscopia

Osservazione preparati zoologia