Laboratory of Thermal Analysis

Keywords: thermogravimetric analysis, differential thermogravimetry, differential thermal analysis, inorganic/organic materials, natural/synthetic materials


Research, teaching and third-party activities are carried out in the Laboratory of Thermal Analysis located in the Mineralogy building in Piazza di Porta San Donato 1, Bologna. In the laboratory, a series of analyses and preparations of mineralogical, synthetic inorganic and organic samples in powder form are carried out to simultaneously evaluate the variations over time of the mass and temperature of a material as a function of controlled heating. Exo/endothermic reactions, the kinetics of reactions, the reversibility of transformations in various environments of different gas (e.g., air, CO2, nitrogen, etc) can be investigated.


Equipment available in the laboratory

The Thermal Analysis laboratory is equipped with the following instruments:

- Thermal analysis TG, DTG, DTA Setaram Labsys


Didactic, training and research activities

The laboratory offers its resources to support:

  • Practical exercises of Bachelor’s and Master's courses in the field of Geological, Natural, Environmental Sciences, and Cultural Heritage;
  • Participation in degree and PhD thesis;
  • Development and support of research projects.


Services and consultancy

Service, consultancy, technology transfer and innovation activities are also carried out for specific sector companies, private individuals, etc.

The consultancy and third-party activities are regulated by a constantly updated price list.


Thermal Analysis TG, DTG, DTA, front view

Thermal Analysis TG, DTG, DTA, magnification of the instrument and angled view