Mining the European Anthroposphere

Evento conclusivo della COST Action dedicata all'analisi e classificazione delle risorse antropogeniche per produrre secondary raw material.

  • Data: dal 20 febbraio 2020 al 21 febbraio 2020

  • Luogo: BiGeA – Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences – University of Bologna – Italy

Mining the European Anthroposphere

Raw materials play a key role in our economy and there are still untapped opportunities for material recovery from residues. From 2016 onwards, the pan-European expert network “Mining the European Anthroposphere” (MINEA) compiled expertise on the assessment of anthropogenic resources in view of secondary raw material production.

The focus was on four types of waste (residues from extractive industries, landfills, construction and demolition waste, residues from waste incineration) and the development of a new UNECE standard for the global communication on the future availability  of secondary raw materials.

All these findings facilitate the development of material recovery projects in the EU and will be presented at the MINEA Final Conference on 20-21 Feb 2020 in Bologna, Italy. The MINEA Workings Groups give oral presentations and we encourage each conference attendee to present a poster on a research project in the scope of COST Action MINEA. We expect about 120 attendees from more than 20 European countries and cordially invite researchers, representatives from the waste and resource sector, governmental authorities and policy makers to attend the event.

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